Our retirement planners will help you make the most of your wealth while retired.

We’ll help you make the most of your retirement working to preserve income producing assets and utilizing strategies aimed towards reducing taxes in the future.  We want to help you to achieve your goals and if one of them is to leave a legacy to your family, we will help implement different estate planning, tax, and asset management techniques to help you to achieve your goal.

Many of our clients are already retired and enjoying a steady income; if this is you, asset management as well as tax and estate planning are far more important than retirement planning. Here are some of the solutions we offer for those already retired:

Tax Planning & Preparation

It’s important as a retiree to ensure you’re taking your retirement income from the most efficient area of your nest egg. Our tax advisors are here to help you accomplish this with confidence. We’ll examine your taxes closely to make sure you aren’t paying any more than is absolutely necessary. We will help you save even more during tax season by preparing taxes at a reduced rate for those who are 50 years or older.

Estate Planning

Leaving a legacy for your family is an important goal for many retirees. The Chamberlin Group is fully dedicated to helping you maximize your wealth utilizing key tax reduction and estate planning techniques. Our estate planning attorney will ensure that all assets are titled properly to avoid probate and will help to setup legal documents so that you can be comfortable knowing your wealth will be efficiently distributed to the next generation.

Wealth Management

When you’re retired, we know that it’s more important than ever to monitor investment risk levels, especially if you are utilizing your assets as an income stream. Using professionally managed portfolios through Prosperity Capital Advisors, our investment advisor representatives help to manage risk based on your risk tolerance; our approach centers on making sure that you are utilizing a strategy that is dynamic enough to make changes towards preservation if the economy, market conditions, or a change in your risk tolerance indicates a change in your asset mix is necessary.