The Chamberlin Group can help you plan for a financially sound retirement.

You are not alone heading towards your lifelong goal of retirement. We are here to help you make strategic decisions and enter retirement feeling more confident about your future, so that you can enjoy your retirement.

We’ll help you make an informed decision and plan carefully for retirement with the overall goal of not only making your assets last, but also maintaining a focus on capital appreciation as well. And when you’re ready for retirement, we’ll work with you to consider each of the following:

Comprehensive Financial Planning

It’s common for people entering retirement to overlook vital factors that affect the long-term well-being of their assets. We’ll work with you to determine if your assets should be reallocated to more conservative areas, and we’ll ensure that taxes and inflation are being accurately considered when deciding how much income is necessary for your retirement. We look at all aspects of your finances in great detail to make sure everything is in place and in your best interests—for now and for your future.

Tax Preparation

Our clients benefit greatly when their taxes and finances are fully aligned, so as a part of our comprehensive services at The Chamberlin Group we staff accountants who are ready to help you prepare your taxes in the coming year. We prepare income taxes for people who are retired starting at $79.

Wealth Management

Transitioning from work to retirement requires many adjustments to your finances and investments, one of which may be taking a more conservative and/or more active approach to wealth management. We work with each of our clients who are considering retirement to evaluate goals and risk tolerance as a part of our  process. This way we can make informed recommendations for our clients that take into account all relevant information.