Our Process
The Holistic Planning Process

Our fee-based plans are designed to be implemented by you as an individual, by your current advisor, or by Chamberlin Group. You choose at the conclusion of the planning process. It’s all up to you!

We build your custom Holistic Plan by going through 4 key stages:

#1 Understanding Where You Are

Focus on the Future. Your vision and priorities are the center of our process. Our focus is squarely on you and your families goals and objectives. We also feel it is important to introduce you to our firm's philosophy and identify which of our three Service Models might be of benefit to you.

#2 Determining Where You Want To Go

Together We're Better. Knowing your current situation helps us determine how best to help you reach your desired future. In step two, we gather the necessary information to create a comprehensive and customized plan by evaluating your unique needs and personalized preferences.

#3 Achieving A Comprehensive Plan

Your customized Holistic Plan is introduced. In step three, we walk you through the strategies and options that will help you reach your goals. Once you have reviewed your plan, we help you to put the wheels in motion, with a focus giving you options to make informal decisions.

#4 Continual Services & Support

Our Holistic Plan performs best when it is reviewed regularly, and in this step we draw from established resources, capabilities and experience to keep your plan aligned with your desired future. As we move through time, it will require ongoing communication and monitoring as we continue to make your future our business.