Don "DC" Chamberlin III, CFP®, CFF®, AWMA

Don "DC" Chamberlin III, CFP®, CFF®, AWMA

Certified Financial Planner

Don III, also known by many as “DC,” is a fee based financial planner who specializes in tax planning. His core belief is that a solid holistic financial plan creates a strong foundation for a successful future.

Using his 10+ years of experience, his primary work involves analyzing the financial picture of each of his clients through a thorough process that considers personal objectives, future goals and risk tolerance.

As an investment advisor representative of Prosperity Capital Advisors, DC also helps his clients by providing them with investment advice. His philosophy is focused on controlling what you can control about your investment experience (fees, taxes, diversification, etc…). He also works with his clients in a fiduciary capacity and as a result, he is required by law to act in his clients’ best interest.

DC’s background in holistic planning is what really appeals the most to many of his clientele. One of the unique aspects of his holistic planning process is that he really focuses on tax efficiency with the implementation of tax reduction and tax management strategies throughout the financial planning process.

On a more personal note, DC’s wife Reshma Chamberlin is the co-founder of the direct to consumer women’s swimwear brand Summersalt.  When they aren’t working, DC and Reshma enjoy exploring different cultures by travelling the world together.