Brendan Kelly


Certified Financial Planner™ | Holistic Planner

Brendan was born and raised in St. Louis and graduated from Lutheran South High School. He went on to graduate from Mizzou’s Personal Financial Planning Program, a top-five program in the country for Financial Planning. His senior year, he competed in Mizzou’s capstone final project, where his group took first place and won $1,500!

Brendan has played hockey since he was 6 years old and continues to play in his free time. He has served as assistant captain on multiple hockey teams in the past and even played while attending college. He has shown leadership qualities in everything he does! Brendan and his mother also run a not-for-profit charity called Leslie’s Home in Eureka.

Brendan joined The Chamberlin Group as a part of our internship program during the Summer of 2020. We were so impressed by his industry knowledge and work ethic that we offered him an Assistant Planner position after he graduated from Mizzou. Brendan has now passed his Certified Financial Planner™ exam and completed all of his certification requirements. We cannot wait to see how far he advances in the financial industry.

When not at work, Brendan enjoys taking his Australian Shepherd, Ruby and Lindenberger, Abby on long walks and hikes around the Eureka area.

Certified Financial Planner

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