Brooke Driesslein

Administrative Assistant

Born and raised in the sunshine state of Tampa, FL. Brooke moved to Arnold, MO in 2012 to be closer to her mother’s side of the family. After graduating from Fox Senior High School in 2018, Brooke began working on a life of her own and moved into her own home.

With over five years of customer service experience, Brooke is determined, personable, and always taking the initiative. Before working at The Chamberlin Group, she was a training manager at Smoothie King. During that time, Brooke learned how to empathize, engage, and create connections with her regular clientele and coworkers. When Brooke was growing up, she remembers being told she talked too much; now, it’s what she prides herself on. Brooke’s communication skills are what set her apart from everyone else.

For now, she spends time learning new recipes to cook for her partner, all while entertaining their two cats. She enjoys reading mystery romance novels or watching horror movies in her free time. Brooke’s favorite thing to do here in St. Louis is explore the graffiti wall downtown by the Mississippi River.

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