Luke Bland


Certified Financial Fiduciary® & Holistic Planner

Luke Bland is a fee-based holistic financial planner offering 15+ years of industry experience. Before joining The Chamberlin Group, Luke worked for Fortune 500 companies including MetLife and Wells Fargo where he held a role as a Securities Trader.

Luke is a graduate of Eastern Illinois University, Lumpkin School of Business and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Management. As an entrepreneur, Luke decided to leave the corporate world to start his financial firm where he specialized as an advisory for Veterans.

Taking a holistic approach, he helps educate his clients about navigating their assets during retirement and planning for the unexpected.

When Luke is not planning and working with clients, he enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, Mary, and two amazing children.

During his free time, Luke spends time on the golf course and outdoors. He is also an avid photographer and videographer, a new passion he recently acquired.

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