Chamberlin Group Educational Events

When it comes to your retirement, the choices you make can have a long-lasting impact. Learning about your choices before you retire can save you literally thousands of dollars. Our first priority is helping you and your family. We want to learn more about your situation and identify your goals and dreams. Open and honest communication has been the cornerstone of our foundation of success.

Free Online Webinars & Local Events available on topics covering:

Online Webinars

An online workshop on how you can maximize your social security benefit and investments to produce dependable lifetime income in retirement.

A complimentary workshop on how you may be able to reduce and or eliminate your tax liability on your qualified retirement accounts prior to retirement. 

Upcoming Classes

After completion of the class, you may schedule a free Strategy Session with one of our Holistic Planners allowing you to have your questions answered regarding your specific situation.

Don Chamberlin has conducted nearly 650 educational classes, workshops, seminars and educational events for residents of St. Louis, St. Louis City, St. Charles, Franklin, Lincoln, Jefferson Counties in Missouri; Madison, St. Clair and Monroe Counties in Illinois. Our goal is to educate citizens on how to become financially independent. Don educates individuals, families, and businesses on topics rarely found in High School and College curriculums; personal finance.

We look forward to having you join us at a class. Please click the link for a class schedule.

Don Chamberlin, a Certified Financial Educator from the non-profit American Financial Education Alliance (AFEA’s) St. Louis Chapter, presents tuition-free educational workshops covering relevant and challenging financial topics that Americans face today.

As an IRS approved 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, AFEA’s mission is to empower Americans to take control of their finances by providing local communities with unbiased financial education. Our main goal is to help individuals, families, and businesses in the St. Louis area increase their knowledge and confidence in basic and complex financial matters.

Meet Our Class Instructors

Don Chamberlin

CFEd, CFEI Co-Founder | CEO | Certified Financial Educator & Instructor | Certified Financial Fiduciary®

Josh Reesman

NSSA Director of Planner Team | Certified Financial Fiduciary® | National Social Security Advisor | Holistic Planner

Luke Bland

Certified Financial Fiduciary® | Holistic Planner

Scott Nolen

Certified Financial Fiduciary® | Holistic Planner

Tom Ponce

NSSA Certified Financial Fiduciary® | Holistic Planner | National Social Security Advisor

Brendan Kelly

CFP® Certified Financial Planner™ | Holistic Planner

Derrick Gibbs

Certified Financial Fiduciary® | Holistic Planner

Thomas Wells

Certified Financial Fiduciary® | Holistic Planner